About Smiling Straight


Our aims

  • Provide access to orthodontic care to young people within Palmerston North City and the Manawatu District
  • Address a gap in our health system by purchasing orthodontic services for young people whose financial circumstances would otherwise prevent them from accessing such services.
  • Attempt to raise young people’s self esteem and confidence by providing them with the opportunity to have their teeth corrected with braces.
  • Help make a lifelong difference to young people and their families.
  • The advancement of family social and community welfare.

The trustees have a wealth of business,
community and organisational experience.

We are pleased to have long time trust supporter Jono Naylor as our patron

  • Marc Paterson, Teacher
  • Jeremy Neild, Agricultural Economic Consultant
  • Lauren Jessup, Teacher
  • Mara Whitten, Dental Assistant
  • Jeanette Daysh, Sports Coordinator

How we get there

  • Over 12 months our aim is to have 100 small sponsors ($10 per week). Each child will require approximately 5 sponsors. This assumes each child’s family contributing $10 and treatment costing $4800 total for 80 weeks ($60 per week).
  • To do this we will approach individuals, service/community groups, businesses and charitable trusts. Any of these may request that their contribution be targeted eg to a child from Takaro, or a child at Freyberg High.
  • A defined dental need – we plan to use the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need which grades patients from 1 to 5 with 5 being most serious.
  • Financial circumstances – applicants will be required to specify their income/outgoings and assets.
  • The young person’s wish for orthodontic treatment and their ability to care for braces as shown by their good oral health
  • The commitment of the family to contribute a small regular amount to the treatment eg. $10 per week.
  • The commitment of the child and/or his/her family to undertake community work for a nominated organisation eg SPCA.
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"Building confidence one smile at a time"


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